New Year New You~Celestial update

On January 1, 2011, in Spirituality, by Gill

Everything in the visible world has its birth in the invisible world

New Year New YOU!

Welcome to 2011.

This year starts with a bang!

The solar eclipse in the sign of Capricorn (related to “I respond) heralds a brand new beginning point in the form and structure of your life, Soul’s purpose and manifesting more of your Divine Destiny in this reality!

Capricorn is the sign of the goat climbing to the mountain top and being ready for the next initiation.It is often called “the doorway into Spirit”  and  is the sign associated with fulfilment of ambitions. In a spiritual sense this means aligning the lower Self with the Higher Self and allowing your Soul’s purpose to manifest through the integration of your dual nature- i.e. becoming more balanced such that your ONENESS and at -one-ment with the higher Christ Self manifests. Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn and whilst it is in the sign of Libra you are being nudged to move into right relationships with yourself, those you meet and with your higher purpose. The Shift that has been occurring can be further cemented with this eclipse and with the beautiful Jupiter (expansion) and Uranus( sudden revolutionary change)  conjunction in the sign of Pisces (Spirituality and healing) we can all seed new plans and make a brand new start aligned with this new Moon on 4th January at 09.04 hrs GMT.

It is a partial solar eclipse and it’s in an earth sign. So again this can be eventful in bringing anything to light that was submerged.The light of consciousness is partially blocked which can force  Uranian events (unexpected shocks and surprises) to manifest that can propel your life into new territory and open up whatever may have been hidden from view thus far! This can mean really looking deeply at your life and asking yourself

a) Are you living the life you know you were born to live? If not why not?

b) Do you feel the structures and forms in your life support you?

c) How aware are you of your role in the Universe that only YOU have been born to fulfil?

d) Does your reality reflect your spiritual beliefs- e.g Are you living in abundance consciousness and trust or coming from lack or fear?

e)Do you know/trust that you can manifest everything you require to live your life purpose ?

As you ask yourself these deeper questions new insights can flow in energising and illuminating all that has been hidden from view!

Ok back to the planetary update now!

Mercury has now turned direct and will trigger the recent lunar eclipse on the 12th January so this is a tremendously potent time for integrating all that occurred over the last quarter of 2010!

Jupiter moves into Aries from the 22nd January until the 4th June for it’s second sojourn and will bring new knowledge, expansion and greater form to the seeds you have planted with the eclipse. It can also re-activate and enhance any plans/venture you created in the summer of 2010 (when it was in Aries) thus encouraging you to go forth  with courage and carve your niche out that will endure over time.

Aries is all about pioneering Spirit and taking action to manifest your dreams and the next part of your Sacred purpose.

The full Moon on the 19th January is in the water sign of Cancer and this can be a nurturing time of gentle integration that will light up how fulfilled and supported you feel on the home and domestic fronts. With a lovely aspect to expansive Jupiter you can feel suitably soothed but if not then wny not enjoy a spot of  quiet contemplation or a full body massage to encourage greater inner peace and tranquillity!

Saturn turns retrograde in the partnership sign of Libra on the 26th January and we can all take a step backwards to evaluate just how far this cycle of “right relationships” is impacting and look more deeply at shadow energies that still require balancing in 2011!

I wish you a very happy new year and  have created a very special programme to support you in 2011 called New Year New You to manifest your dreams in this reality and make what was invisible-VISIBLE!


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