Are you trusting your vibes?

On May 16, 2011, in Spirituality, by Gill
I wonder how many people truly acknowledge their psychic abilities. As an astrologer I rarely call myself  psychic-preferring intuitive or perceptive. Somehow psychic seems to be reserved more for spey wives and fortune tellers. We all are, of course! Psychic-that is. On the whole we often refuse to admit it.

Here’s some examples from my own life on this subject that may resonate with yours. In May 2009 on the flight home from Chicago to London I  kept getting images and thoughts of  planes crashing. I did my best to think alternative thoughts and focused on  peace but it was a very difficult journey for me.  On arrival at London Heathrow, the next day after a sleepless night and with some white knuckles I discovered that a plane* had disappeared around the same time I was having these flashes and uncomfortable feelings . It had left Brazil  enroute for France and was later discovered to have crashed over the Atlantic ocean with no survivors.  Another time I dreamt about a plane crashing into a lake only to wake up,turn on the radio and hear the news that a plane had indeed crashed into a lagoon- again with no survivors.  Some people would say these are coincidences but I know better now. Around the exact time of the Japanese Earthquake I started to get the worst migraine I have ever had and was unwell on and off for the next 2 weeks with a flu like virus- to such an extent that I rarely left the house. I felt as though some “force” was keeping me in rest mode and that I came out “in sympathy” with the disaster and all the feelings swirling around the collective.

Listen to your vibes

Often it isn’t quite  so easy to notice “good vibes” but I bet when you look at some of the fortunate circumstances in your life they are due to you listening to them too. That’s how I ended up meeting Caroline Myss,  going to Chicago,doing Sacred contracts,working with Bernadette Doyle, joining Damsels in Success and working  with book promotion coach Lynn Seraphin. I also “decided” last year that I would love to work with Visionary mentor Jean Houston and hey presto with minimal effort the perfect opportunity showed up in the shape of  Living your Supreme Destiny mentored by Jean in the perfect format for me. I believe these opportunities occurred because I trusted my vibes and followed them. All  of these occurrences were intuitive hits that led me to life changing events/people who have enhanced my life and are assisting me to fulfil my Sacred purpose more easily.

Now you may or may not have had such extreme experiences as mine but I bet this list will  help raise your awareness that you are more tuned in than even you realise!

Here’s some indicators that you really really are;

  • You feel more sensitive than you admit to and are aware when something isn’t quite right in your life
  • You know who is calling before you answer the phone.
  • You have flashes or pictures of events and later experience deja vu or discover they were premonitions
  • You just know something “good” is going to happen and it does
  • You just know something “bad” is going to happen and it does
  • You read the energy of a room and are aware of underlying tensions.
  • You feel excluded even though no-one says “anything” and you’re probably not paranoid at all
  • You feel safe and confident when you know that the energy is supportive and you give your best with great results
  • You no longer have to ask the same questions of clients as your inner knowing is already firing on all cylinders
  • Rapport with others is either very easy or like hitting your head off a brick wall

That’s some of my early indicators or vibes that tell me I am indeed psychic. We all have our own unique way of tuning into energies and by doing so can take actions that may transform things before it’s too late to act. i.e. before a negative thought or feeling manifests into reality. Trust your vibes,listen to your inner voice and take action even if others “label” you as crazy.  It may avert tragedy. On the other hand it can also show you the way to some good “fortune”  and open doors you never thought possible before.

Either way it is your intuition that can save your life,lead you to your destiny  and attract your highest good into your life -so pay attention and trust your vibes too!


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  1. Ruth Crone says:

    Gill, an interesting and thought proving article. Thanks.



  2. Gill says:

    Thanks Ruth- so glad you enjoyed it. One of those topics that really fascinates me!

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