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On June 5, 2012, in Spirituality, by Gill


What are you here to share with the World? Day 5 of Sacred Paths Entwined being published on the 4th July 2012 by Ecademy Press. Tune into the exact Venus/ Sun conjunction and activate your inner Goddess energy today. Special offer for first 6 people to claim it.-date,time and place of birth to

This Venus/sun conjunction is exact at 2am in the UK on the 6th June at 15 degrees of Gemini. Venus is the higher self to Earth (The Earth is viewed as a Non Sacred Planet in esoteric astrology) and the Esoteric ruler for Sagittarius is The Earth which is why you may read about Sagittarians being  self indulgent and having to follow their Spirit to heal the divide-human/Spirit/instinctive nature of the centaur. They are half human and half animal)  Venus rules Gemini-in esoteric astrology and is all about the highest expression of Divine love which heals the duality-the dark and light within by acknowledging both and holding a place of balance to bring them into greater alignment!  As we do we birth  a new level of Goddess Energy into this planet. Divine love  is unconditional and  lifts the Divine feminine principle into greater awareness on Earth by up-holding all aspects of God with a willingness to love for the sake of love. So something very deep is going on!

Where this Sun Venus conjunction lands in your birth chart can show how you are birthing a new aspect of Divine love in your life and attuning to the Goddess within.

For Michelle  L Casto who wrote the book  The Destiny Discovery it lands in her 10th house (of highest potential and Destiny)-activating her desire and willingness to honour her own inner Goddess. She serves as a light bearer for others as they line up with her vision in the book as a vessel for God/Goddess. Her book was published in January of this year and  I see it as part of the Divine plan to release the old  karmic patterning and invoke this higher vibration and vision of love and creativity. The new is born in the form of Destiny  (which we all must claim) and as this conjunction squares Mars in her first house of self expression she can be a channel for others to live their destiny in her new venture,just as my own book will be too!

We are all birthing a new level of  unconditional love for ourselves and raising the vibrations of the planet  -enjoy and walk in the light!

Special offer for first 6 people to claim it.-date,time and place of birth to

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3 Responses to “Activate your inner Goddess”

  1. michelle says:

    Gill, You are such a master at helping people chart their destinies. Talking with you has made such a deep impact on knowing what I am stepping into next. When I cast my sacred contracts chart years ago, I discovered my Goddess was in my career/business area….and that always was a mystery, but I can see how things are unfolding in perfect timing now. Everyone should take advantage if your generous offer and of course get the book when it comes out!

  2. Gill says:

    Thank you Michelle, I agree-perfect timing is Divine.

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