Damsels and Knights

As you may know I recently joined Damsels in success .

I mentioned previously that I cast my own Sacred contract back in 2009 when I went to Chicago to fulfil a long held dream- and out popped my Damsel in the 10th house of highest potential.

So you may ask what’s all this about and how can it help to understand your Sacred contract**(blog talk radio show at the bottom of the page)

An Archetype is a Universal pattern of power and we each have our very own team of 12 assisting us to know and fulfil the life path and purpose we chose to incarnate into and fulfil.

Archetypes are your energy guides to your highest potential-the fulfilment of your Sacred contract

So by understanding the light and shadow of each member of your team and the area that they hold court in your Sacred contract this Divining tool shines the light on each of them and brings what has been unconscious to greater conscious awareness!

As ever awareness is progression and in a World where confusion,distractions and temptations surround us all it is no wonder that knowing and understanding more of your Sacred contract can really put you back in the driving seat of your own life!

Recently whilst working with a client on her Sacred contracts it turned out she too had a Damsel (more a Damsel in distress) and so I thought it may be helpful to look at the dynamic of the Damsel in her light and shadow qualities and also the counterpart she often attracts in the knight! (no pun intended here!)

So first of all what is the Damsel Archetype all about?

A Damsel is always beautiful,vulnerable and in need of rescue specifically by a Knight. Once she is rescued she is taken care of in lavish style . When disappointed the lesson for the Damsel is to become empowered and to learn to take care of herself (hence the well known term damsel in distress). Once the Damsel takes on the spiritual quest for empowerment she learns skills and competencies and how to take good care of herself without the necessity of rescue by the knight! The area the Damsel shows up in your life is indicative of your struggle with the Archetype and how this can be the training ground for transformation!

These days this can be a difficult challenge as so many women may at the deeply unconscious level be Damsels and yet in a time of female emancipation and liberation she may indeed want a Knight but not specifically to save her; more just to hold her hand as she walks her own path and with whom she can be vulnerable in a romantic way as she shares her spiritual path with him as her mate! That’s what I call spiritual transformation and being able to own your Archetypal energies without fear!

And what of the Knight?

Well the Knight is associated with chivalry and courtly romance. He will protect the Damsel and be willing to undergo self sacrifice due to loyalty to do so. This is fine if he is with the Damsel he has a Sacred contract with! The shadow side of the Knight is the absence of honour and chivalry. Specifically he may be loyal to a questionable principle or Damsel and indeed may be sacrificing his own needs,purpose and highest potential by remaining the rescuer in a relationship that no longer fulfils his contract! A true Knight has a pattern of service to others and like the mystic walks a fine line between self sacrifice and self neglect.

The Knight may have to be willing to separate himself from inappropriate Damsels and honour his own Spiritual path whilst trusting that there may be other Damsels out there that can walk the Spiritual path with him too!

So if you’d like to know more about your Sacred contract and how your team of Archetypes plays their role in your Sacred purpose then contact me at yoursacredpurpose@gmail.com for a FREE discovery session or sign up for my newsletter. Our online shop is now fully functional-check it out here. You may also enjoy reading about the Yellow Brick Road to knowing yourself


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